The Books

The world of creativity and books

there is a world of great books for creatives to readWe have compiled a list of a couple of good books which we agree are important to have under your belt if you are searching to be a creative individual.

The reason for us recommending these books are based on their ability to bring about a different perspective in the reader. A point which will help anyone step out of their own comfort zone in thinking. Some may even change the way you see your own chosen area and craft for the better.

Our first book is ‘flow’, by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, which today might not be an exactly new book, but it is one of great importance, and something which have helped pave the way for research in the area of creativity and how it all actually works, from the first person point of perspective.

Discussing what Csikszentmihalyi calls the optimal experience, a state of flow where time disappears due to intense focus on the task which is at hand. The task may be a work of art, a painting, or a book keeping issue at work, creativity, and problem solving are closely linked and using our own resourcefulness is something which many enjoy.

Secondly we would like to mention Feryhough’s ‘Pieces of Light’, which is a modern investigation to how memory works, and how we reconstruct it based on the present rather than retrieve a past. A lovely read by another scientific mind conducting valid experiments and drawing compelling theories together. This is a book which can help you in the question of your own creative process, and we highly recommend it to all of you who are readers out there!