The Book

Our top pick out of the mountain of creative books in existence out there

it's important to readThere a countless number of books on the growing topic of creativity, ideas and how to use them. This is partially due to the vast explosion of research there has been into the human psyche and how it all works.

A question of where does ideas come from have led us to a much greater understanding of ourselves, but it is as with anything only the beginning. And we are, even now, in this age of development only scraping the surface of how things are stringed together and know but a fraction of what there is to know on the subject.

Throughout the years the team here have discussed many books and their value both in the general sense as well as from our own topic and approach, namely that of making things.

Kahnemans ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ is a book you may have heard about, and if you haven’t now is about the right time to go get yourself a copy of this splendid example of how great scientific work can be put into understandable words and points packing punches when it comes to our own understanding of how we see ourselves, how we make decisions and how we are guided by intuition and an array of factors though a set of parameters which we feel and therefor think are different than they are.

In other words, a must read, especially for any creative individual who is in search of insight and inspiration. If you don’t agree with the validity of our number one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team via the contact page and let us know which is your favourite and why, we may post a replay and perhaps even start a discussion on the matter. Here we are fans of online activity and love to interact with our readers.

What books to sue to develop the skills you need

reading is a great way to learn about your subjectIn order to follow your passion, your creative pursuit, your dream, you need to of course make some sacrifices, and although it’s not always as dramatic as put here, there is ample reason to ensure that you are making your life one worth living, after all it’s your only life, and pretty much regardless of your religion, they all seem to agree, that this is the only life that you get which you will enjoy the benefit of recalling whilst alive. If you are reincarnated, or if you are brought back from purgatory, it doesn’t matter, you won’t remember. So the actions that you need to take to ensure that your life becomes a great as you would like it to be, is firstly to develop the skills that you need in order to do what you want to do. That’s all fine and well you say, but what about if you don’t know what you want to do?

That is the questions of the century, and that is a question to which only you have the answer, and often this is not easy to find out, it comes not at whim, but at a continuous trying at something which is involving, enjoyable and enriching for you personally. So there are no rules, but there are many books, and starting to read about what you suspect is your passion is always a great idea. Read about people, or books written by people who have done what you are trying to do. The list of memoirs and informational books on the topic of your choice are there, and available, and available at an awfully cheap price, so ensure that you don’t leave yourself uneducated in the area in which you want to make your fortune and success, that is a road paved to the failure which you so dread.