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Engaging with creativity and the action of making

As the name to this site suggests we are all about making here, it may seem a wide, varied and all-encompassing term, something which we see as a good thing. In Spanish there is no word for do, the equivalent used is the direct translation of make.

A little insight which we feel sheds much light on the way we can see things and how cultures differ. Regardless, it is as universal to create, to make, to build and to find fulfilment though the activity as the human smile is to the population of this planet. Thanks to all the Bristol Locksmith crew.

Just like a person need to eat to live, have social and family connections to feel part of the group and the whole, we need to also part take in creative activity in which we learn, not only about what we are doing, but about ourselves and our capabilities for resolving problems.engage with your inner creativity

The practice to make anything is also something which we view as highly important, and if one looks to the east and spirituality for inspiration, one will find that in many directions and paths of life taken there, an integral part is practice.

From temple monks, to wandering holy men, many practices in mass to reach their fulfilment.

The practice remains a vital part of being able to engage in a successful way for any individual with what they are doing.

Feel free to save our site to your favourites as we will be presenting a row of great, weird and wonderful creative works which we hope will inspire and light your creative fire anew. For questions you may have, get in touch with the crew, we are always happy to hear from you and you can find details in how to get in touch on the contact page.