Recommended reading

love reading booksCollected by our team here you have a couple of books which we would like to bring into the spotlight, books which we agree are great reads for anyone interested in creative work and activity.

When discussing this there were of course some dispute and all flavours and styles are not suited to all creative works. Which is why with these mentions we tried to keep it generic, as to be relevant to as wide an audience as possible.

On our list is a book called bird by bird, written by Ann Lamott, which is a beautiful book by a writer with the depths and relevance to any individual creative as well as any individual person. Creativity and the need to make something is part of what makes us human, and if you have some spare time this is a simply a great read. Although this may not be the favourite book of some, and that also applying to our team, has no implication on the fact that it is relevant, on point and eye opening on many points in many areas.

Steal like an artist, by Austin Kleon, is our next top mention, to which the title gives good suggestions to its content. Here you have a deep dig in what reiteration, recreating and using own ideas is and can be, a reading experience filled with pleasure and realisation, one which the team here were all greatly enthusiastic about. Some profound truths to be applied to the scene of everyday life.

Lastly today we would like to mention a book which has had great impact on us here and many that we know, creative confidence, by T. and D. Kelly is a great book on the creative processes, also dealing with some of the difficulty in bringing theory into action, it takes confidence and courage to bring one’s own ideas into life.