Works in different mediums and with different materials

learn about crafting materials stonesCreativity and the area of craft and bringing your ideas to life, is as wide as a person’s imagination. And here we hold firm belief that every individual is a unique someone with a special gift in something, namely that which they are interested in.

No matter what area it is that tickles your interest nerves, if it gets you up, active and working we are with it.

Of course not included in our definition is destructive work or thinks created with the intention and purpose to harm. Even so, technological development within the arms industry still goes under the heading of human creativity. But, for us it’s better to focus on the areas which are meant to improve, enhance and enrich the lives of people.

Mentioned already in this post, there has been metal, technology and all the materials which are included in these industries as examples, and these things go in the category of physical creation. Textiles, wood, stone, precious metals and so forth are all materials which can be used in the act of putting ideas into actions.  Take a blocked drain for example. Other regions of materials are purposeful, such as stationary, digital platforms needed and of course there is the whole range of intellectual material which is still a vague and somewhat hard to define area.

Of course these classifications are not universal, and what we are trying to do is to give you an idea of the vast space which is included when one speaks about creativity.

Creativity, materials, medium and ideas are all things which intertwine relentlessly, and in this intersection much is to be explored and found. Please feel free to have a look around on our other pages to find related materials and hopefully some further inspiration will also find you.