Finding your creative field

try different things paint brushesIn the search of something that we like to do, we may first encounter many thing which we think we like to do, and this process is what the team here would call the process of finding your field.

Nothing to say that your field cannot change, and how you approach your creativity and the path that you are taking is of course something fully individual and personal to you.

Finding what you would like to be active within for most people is a continuous process though life, some are bestowed with the circumstance to bring them to a speciality point early, whilst the rest of us just have to make it up as we go along. The advice that the team here, who are all creatively active in more ways than one would like to share is that if you give it enough time, you will inevitably find something that suits you. The first filed of choice is not always the right one and by listening to yourself and your preferences you may be able to suss out what it will be which you eventually will stick with.

Our reasons to bring this point up, is because many of us have also live though the difficulties of trying to not only make something, but also make a living out of it. This is not everyone’s scenario, and each set of circumstances are different, however some things remain.

And again, the most pertinent point of all is persistence. By keeping on what you are doing though periods of doubt, you will be able to find the right way, right method and the right domain for you.