A great tip to get the creative juices flowing

bring your mind to to great ideasFor anyone who is into something, who has an interest which requires full attention and full focus when it is engaged with in the idea way a set of tricks to keep attention is common to have in the bag.

The team here is no different, and suiting with the UK culture we like to have a little hot beverage break also accompanied by good company, good conversation and of course some little sweet treat. Now of course we do not support living an unhealthy lifestyle however for those whom it is possible for. We do agree that a little bar of chocolate, a little cake or some biscuits with your tea will no doubt help you get your energy going. The healthy alternative here is to indulge in some fruit in these brakes.

We value these breaks, where the mind both gets to relax and let loose of the hard grip on attention it keeps during creative focus, and with it associations far and wide are allowed to enter, mix that with the input of an outside source such as a work colleague or studio mate, then you will no doubt have the right factors for guaranteed success.

Simply said, here we understand that people are not machines, no matter how much we at times wish or even are convinced of it. It can be argued of course that we are biological machines in some way, however the issue then still remains in explain consciousness and self-awareness.

So grab your project, keep strong, keep focused, and don’t forget to once in a while have a break and treat yourself to something nice, this will assist your creative process in the sugar supply to your brain as well as ensure that don’t get overworked, with a little side dish of some new insight should you be lucky enough to have the pleasure of also having some great discussions during your break.