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never hesitate getting in touch with the crafters hereHaving landed on this page we assume that like us you are someone interested and invested in some sort of creative work, and we always love engaging with people who are on the same sort of line in life.

A field where your income figure of course plays a role, but not too large a one. We value the engagement with creativity for many good reasons, not the least for the satisfaction and reward it gives which in many cases are much more than physical.

The lessons we learn from trying to make something, trying to figure out, understand and put something together, is a vastly stimulating process, both for your more logic and organised mind, as well as for your emotional experiences.

Learning how to deal with different issues along the path of your own creative process offers much wisdom in how to deal with similar or parallel situation in your own life. What we put up for you here are is with the flavours and inspirations that we like, and in the event that we put forward news or an article to you, we do so hoping it will help inspire you but we also understand that people’s preferences can greatly differ, especially in an area so wide and open ended.

If you have anything you would like to feed back to us with regards to the content or if you would like to ask us anything about feel free to get in touch with the team today though the contact page, we are always happy to hear from all creative individuals who are in the world of making something. And your message will be warmly received and aimed to be answered as quickly as possible.