Fort Makers

A wholly new way of going about things

complex art designIn the name of making, creating and putting into action, here is a term to remember.

With all aspects in mind everything is welcome, no matter scale, from miniatures to vast exaggerations in proportions.

We are describing a way to go about your own creativity which lifts borders which you yourself and the surroundings you are in may have placed. That not saying that placing restrictions is the only thing that your circumstances grant you, as your life situation and your current impressions is also where you derive your inspiration and information that you make use of in your own projects.

But here we are never rejecting an idea, even if it’s one that cannot go any further than the realm of theory, this simply as it can inspire and affect the internal clockwork of any creative individual. And we are all creative individuals. It’s important to keep humility, to keep grounding and to keep sane, but not too much, just enough is what we would aim for here. Part of making, is allowing yourself to go mad, and any idea, as far as it can be labelled with the term, seeds, propagates, matures and develop in your mind.

Taking in aspects of science, math, empirical truths of beauty, philosophy, motion, design, materials and human history and culture are just to mention a few of the infinite amount of different inspirations we find around us. The sorting of our ideas is the path which leads us to at some point bring something into existence from an original idea.

Let us know what you are up to, and don’t close any ideas off just because you feel they are not doable in this time and space, see it more as a putting them on the shelf for possible retrieval at a later and more suiting time.

The mystery of colour

coloursToday we would like to bring a subject of great interest into the limelight, and investigate something which we find highly fascinating. Namely the world of colours. Many live under the impression that they know what it is, and how to describe it, but after all can we, really, there is no proof to say that what I call blue is what you call blue. Of course we can draw upon generalisations, however this is what philosophers at times call a hard problem.

There is no way of knowing. Another, hopefully interesting fact which the team here came across the other day, which had us all baffled is the fact that the human eye, or mind, if you like, can distinguish between up to 10 million different colours! Absolutely amazing isn’t it, yet in communication we are struck for words when searching for an accurate description. Lime green, sky blue, neon pink are a few of our attempts to put more direction and more accuracy to what we are trying to describe and as far as creativity goes, perhaps that is enough.

So we pay tribute to colours and the great capability of the human eye and the human mind, as it is something so easily forgotten and taken for granted. We may only be able to discern 50 different shades of gray, a phrase made famous by the book with the same name, but there are many millions of expressions at our disposal if we push to advance our ventures beyond the borders of gray scale. So do what we do, fall in love with colours every day, not only will it help your creativity, but it will also, well, make you fall in love with colours every day. You could pick a new one for each day for the rest of your life and still not run out.