Amy Merrick

A tribute to one of our many heroines

beautiful flowers and colour arrangementAn art form so appreciated, yet so much in the shadows of today’s society there are still some flowers which bloom brightly and breathes life into something half forgotten.

Amy Merrick, a highly inspirational creative individuals most famous for her floral work who by our standard has not gotten the international recognition she so well deserves.

With the most stunning work we feel very fortunate that this entrepreneur is apt with online presence.

Having featured in many online magazines and famous blog sites we came across this young and stunning inspiration a while back. Upon seeing some examples of her floral works the team here were simply blown away, thinking it would be a good idea to both help spread the word of this wonderful artist and help her inspire also the readers which visit us.

With a stunning resume of having worked with high profile organisations, companies and individuals such as Ralph Lauren, The Today Show and CNN she today lives and teaches floral classes out of her studio in Brooklyn.

A most inspiring and amazing individual to us here! We hope you enjoyed our little introduction of an upcoming artist which it’s good to know about, and definitely not only for the coffee conversations but also for finding true inspiration, connecting with the beauty of nature, and the stunning integration of her own ideas which we simply are in awe of.

Below you will find an example and if you have any questions for our team here or think we missed something out, please email us though the contact page which you can find up in the corner.