Here to inspire, share and learn from each other

a team here to inspireA shared vision of a website to which you can go for creativity and crafting inspiration, learning and sharing is what the team here works hard for and hopes to achieve.

Brining you news, information and hopefully bringing some good points and aspects on the topic to help you along the way on your own creative path is what we are all about. We find that working with our minds, our imaginative and with our hands, spawning engagement in everyday life by being an active part of each thing we do, no matter how little or large.

Everyone is welcome here, from home maker, knitters, wood crafters, gluers, 3d printers. You name it, if it can be made, then we are all over it.

We live currently in an age where there is a vast sea of different opportunities to build things, the market is flooded with different types of materials for all kinds of uses, and that not even to mention all the waste there is. As some say, one person’s trash, is another person’s creative project! Well maybe they don’t say that, but at least here we do.

We hope to bring you some of the great artistic work which is produced from waste and often intertwined with symbolism and messages which are both striking, current and hopefully mind changing in both small and big ways.

The opportunity that we see here with the internet and this still relatively free space of sharing information and experiences is something that we cannot help but pour ourselves into, working with something so natural to any human being as crating, building and making things we hope that others share our interest and will find our page both as a help and as a source of good new impressions to be taken.