Hello world!

Hello from a team believing in autotelic activities

a more creative world for everyoneGreeting you from the far end of the internet, we hope that you are having a blast in the current internet age, just as we are here.

We see the opportunity to share knowledge, skills, valid points and discussions as a vastly great thing to have hit just as all of us are currently walking the planet.

There are countless of things to explore, and for us, a term which has stuck with us since we first heard it a long way back is that of autotelic activity. This refers to, as far as we understand it, to a process related to creating and making. For instance a piece of art is fulfilling its purpose as it is being made, to the maker, and as it is being seen as the beholder.

And these type of activities, in which one simply forgets about the passing of time because one is so into what one is doing, exist in all areas of life. Closely related to perhaps of the eastern influences of zen, which refers to being present. If you want to know more about that side of things it’s a good idea to do some of your own research in this area, as here, we are mostly dedicated to the practice of it all.

This is why we do our best to collect great materials and inspirations from a range of different resources online and offline, bringing it all to you in a great and unravelling package. This to inspire you also to become someone in agreement and activity of making, one of the most rewarding and valuable things in life. For us, curiosity, exploration, learning and creativity land high on priorities in life. And feel free to get in touch with feedback and questions if you have them.