Welcome to the making of your world and yourself

joiing the crafting revolutionIf you are one of the many crafters out there who enjoy making good use of your own creativity, if you are searching for inspiration and impressions to nourish your own sense of making.

Well, then you have definitely landed in the right place. Here we are dedicated, fanatic, casual, lazy and serious crafters.

We love the arts, human expression as much as we love to keep our hands busy and our minds in flow with what we are doing.

Someone once said that life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself, and by not fearing what you are making, you will also be able to be completely invested in it, and experience the process and learn the many lessons which each craft and each opportunity to practice that craft holds.

We are as wide in style and technique as our imagination stretches, and you can consider this page a bundle of wonderful and sometimes weird things which come out when we put our minds to work. We will also bring you some news of things which are currently inspiring us, and of course help you find your way to your preferred craft if you are new by hopefully giving good introductions and presentations of work which is already existing out there.

Creativity is at the core of each human being, and here we are looking to keep in tune with that most natural tendency to want to make, to want to figure out and to want to complete what we have started and see it materialise into the world in whatever form it will take.

So once again, welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to get in contact if there is anything that you are wondering, and of course we are always overjoyed with feedback and suggestions if you think that there is something missing which should be included here.

Beautiful craft for the heart, mind and hand

crafting with beadsCrafting is stimulating and in many ways fascinating, at times you may be astounded by what you are capable of if you only let yourself run with it.

The title, craft for the heart, mind and hands is a division to be used as a metaphor, as the separation which the words indicates are not actually there.

From one perspective it all happens in your head, something which have been proven though looking at where young children place the self, when referring to themselves, they don’t point at their body, or the location of their heart but to their head.

This is common across many different cultures across the globe. And from this point, you cannot actually differentiate between them, and they are all vital parts of the experience of crafting.

In simple words, although we separate, heart as the feeling, mind as the reason and hand as the skill, here we are focused on the whole of the experience, inclusive of all. Finding beauty from external impressions and though expressing our own ideas.

This happens firstly though learning the skill needed to gain freedom within a specific field. Say you would like to learn how to do embroidery, you will not be able to start with the most delicate and interacted pieces as you must first learn how to perform each of the specific stiches which then make up the whole.

Keep in tune with us here, and find inspiration for your own projects, we hope to bring you images of work, help with specific craft related techniques and information about people who have been exploring the realm of making things for a long time, who have had time to specialise and find their own voice bringing about some of the most astonishing creations we have met with.