Creativity inside all

When we think of creative individuals we tend to think of the traditional arts. That means we think of great artists who changed how we think about still life and drawings and sculptures. That may mean we think of Van Gogh or in modern times, maybe even Damien Hirst, for changing the way we think about art. It may also mean we think of the great musicians and the different musical genres. Of course there is classical music, but what about the rise of hip-hop? Many people don’t realise that the birth of this great urban genre came from the creativity of DJs and there love of disco and funk. By playing the percussive breaks in the same track on two separate record players, the artists could extend the track and create the birth of hip-hop as we know it today. This demonstrates that no matter what artistic field we loom into, creativity is always there.

However, the idea that creativity is limited to art in general is wrong and outdated. Why should artists always get the credit for being creative and influential when so many of us do it in our day to day lives. What about the great artists who design adverts and work in marketing? What about the creatives who create that business idea that’s going to make them successful? What about the creative forces of managers who can make game changing decisions to turn a loss into a win? Then of course, there’s you. Every day when you wake up, you are faced with challenges that regularly need innovative thinking to overcome and every day you manage to do it. What about if you work in the trades? Maybe you’re a locksmith and someone’s locked out of their property? They haven’t got permission from their landlord to have any destructive methods on their lock but they are stranded outside. It’s your creative thinking that will save the day. Or if you’re a plumber dealing with burst pipes in the freezing cold weather. Only your creativity in applying specialist lagging to the pipes and drains will ensure your remediable work is maintained and a further callout not needed. So creativity is all around us. We should never doubt ourselves and work hard to unleash that creative streak inside all.

Unleash your creativity

join in the crafters communityThe history of creativity and human thinking is a long one, well as far as we can tell the areas of art and human culture have ran through our own history for as long as we can remember and dig out. The reason may well be the natural aptitude of the human mind as a problem solver, and in a day like today, where we live in abundance, at least us here in a western world, if there is nothing to be fixed, we make something up to fix.

Another wonder of the human mind, we can abstract ideas and work without actual physical materials. However, the wonderful thing. Is that the experience of learning is much the same regardless of what area you are in, theory or practice. Which is why there are so many good reasons to ensure that you keep your mind in shape, just as well as your body.


The unleashing of your creativity can be used in a number of different ways. One highly functional and greatly practical way is to ensure your own security. By finding lock and security solutions for yourself. Using your own mind and innovative thinking process is a great way to keep the noggin active. Bring to life your own problem solving ability in the areas of your locks, keys, security and more. By doing so, you’ll not only help secure your own valuable items. But you will also keep your family and yourself safe. This is one of the most important factors of life itself. Security for your family and yourself is the number one priority.

Learning something new, and sticking with it, is like an exercise regime that you also stick with, endless health benefits and, not to mention fun, social and active. All things which help from the psychological point of view, and as you know, everything which happens psychologically, also happens physiologically, something that neuroscience have long proven. Thank you to our team of trades men and women who support this website in their spare time. Particular thanks to Dave a Locksmith Bristol expert lock opener and machine maker for his weekly contributions and ideas.

You can seek the help of professionals who will happily assist with security features and alarm installation which need a specialist. But in many areas some creative thinking is only a good idea.

Here we love to work with our hands, and at times when we get stuck. The administration, organisation, liaising and sheer workload that we have to deal with these days sometimes leaves us to forget about the nice break working with your hands is. Working with something different. Working for yourself and for the things that matter the most to you. Your security and the safety of your loved ones is one of those things. Which not only make us happy in practice, but it’s often something different. Out of the ordinary.

So get out there, learn something new, a musical instrument perhaps. Solve the issues to bring you to the next step, or create something with what you’ve learned, there are an endless number of possibility here, and you get to pick. I know, a little overwhelming perhaps, but remember, starting small is always the best way, there is no reason to be harsh with yourself, especially if you are trying to do something for fun.

Welcome to the making of your world and yourself

joiing the crafting revolutionIf you are one of the many crafters out there who enjoy making good use of your own creativity, if you are searching for inspiration and impressions to nourish your own sense of making.

Well, then you have definitely landed in the right place. Here we are dedicated, fanatic, casual, lazy and serious crafters.

We love the arts, human expression as much as we love to keep our hands busy and our minds in flow with what we are doing.

Someone once said that life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself, and by not fearing what you are making, you will also be able to be completely invested in it, and experience the process and learn the many lessons which each craft and each opportunity to practice that craft holds.

We are as wide in style and technique as our imagination stretches, and you can consider this page a bundle of wonderful and sometimes weird things which come out when we put our minds to work. We will also bring you some news of things which are currently inspiring us, and of course help you find your way to your preferred craft if you are new by hopefully giving good introductions and presentations of work which is already existing out there.

Another world we often spend time making, is the world of our homes. Or the world of our business. It’s something each of us is engaged with. What we sometimes forget. Is the vital importance to use that God given creativity and problem solving ability to secure our safety. To ensure that the things we value are safe, locked behind strong locks and up to date security alarm systems.

Creativity, comments Richard a locksmith Brighton,  is at the core of each human being, and here we are looking to keep in tune with that most natural tendency to want to make, to want to figure out and to want to complete what we have started and see it materialise into the world in whatever form it will take.

Making your own world, means also protecting your own world. Doing so, means giving it some of your attention. Some of your valuable time and effort. If you don’t have time, it’s of course advisable than rather than tackle the difficult challenge of your own security systems at home. In this case get in touch with a skilled service specialist locksmith who can help with your security requirements.

If the case is that. Then it’s safe to assume that your mind is busy on other ventures. And adventures. Keep it up, keep it creative and keep it safe and secure. Boil the meaning of your existence down the the essentials and what are you left with. Security matters, the people you love matters, and time matters. Give your attention and your own priority to what is the most important. Secure yourself, provide good locks for the most valuable things, and always keep up to date. The process of good security, safety, good locks and alarms is an ongoing one.

So once again, welcome, and we hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to get in contact if there is anything that you are wondering, and of course we are always overjoyed with feedback and suggestions if you think that there is something missing which should be included here.

Home improvement and creative, a match made in heaven

use your creativity for home improvementIt’s no secret that we as people are of resourcefulness and problem solving, to such a degree that it is great for us to engage with our own creativity, and to some extent hurts us if we don’t. Using our facility of coming up with ideas and resolve issues which have meaning for us is part of who we are, and what better way to ensure that you get a large enough dose of creativity in your daily life but to start some home improvement projects. Here you basically get two for one, an upgrade or a lovely addition to your home as well as exercise for the mind. And using our noodle is something that we have a tendency to forget about.

Although laziness, or what we call laziness is also a common trait across people, is hard to overcome, we are hoping, that you, like us feels and sees the difference it makes to your well being in times of being more creatively active. Concepts and ideas are funny things in the way that they often come when we are doing something completely different. What we mean is that often that thing that you’ve been working so hard on, that issue that so desperately needs resolving, the solution usually comes as an unrelated activity is performed. Perhaps during a walk, or whilst doing the dishes, or having a bath. Anything which is you relaxing and not trying to solve the issue can help you resolve it, mad as it may sound, the team here believes strongly that that is the case, and we assure you that it’s scientifically proven that it’s good to take a break.

A natural part of human nature and the human mind

create in your own wayThe idea that some individuals are creative and that some are not is an old and dated one, surprisingly however there are still many who believe that this is the case. If you take any of the general associations such as music and art, there has been a separation between the regular people and those who managed to be successful.

But it didn’t use to be like that, and what we cannot forget is that although it’s easy to think that those individuals are talented, and no doubt they are, the most important factor for success in any area is just hard work, and a lot of it. This however should not stop you from engaging with your own creativity, and you are creative, whether you are sitting at a desk working out IT solutions or if you are out promoting a business. We are natural blocked drain Manchester problem solvers, and in our element, meaning that when we are motivated and feel strongly for something then that faculty is put to it’s most stimulating use. Today it is of course difficult to find work which is strictly in an area which both interests and motivates you. But that is not to say that you cannot use your creativity whilst at work. You just need to be innovative with it. Every idea, every issue, no matter how small or unrelated to you which you attempt to resolve, is a work of creativity. By becoming more aware of what you are doing in your daily life you can also create a more fun and creative day to day for yourself. If you are like the team here you will do your utmost to use the wonderful mind you have been granted every day.

Making sounds, another creative venture available to anyone

As natural as walking, as natural as talking, we have music. Comprised by elements as natural to our human nature as interaction with the world around us. A very clear proof of that natural ability which we all have for music, is how we can all tell. We can all identify music if we hear it, now we may not all be creators, but we can understand it, just as we can understand the language of the country that we grew up in, just like many of us can copy, or even transpose melodies to different keys without having practised it. There are even tests that shows that remembering songs, is highly accurate even for people who are not musically trained.

So music is for everyone, and for us, one of the best thing about it, as with any creative art is that it’s often done with other people. It’s not only fun and stimulating, but it’s also social, which makes it even more fun and stimulating. We cannot recommend involvement with music no matter who you are enough, it’s one of those things which is just great for your soul and for your well-being no matter who you are. If you are unsure of where to start, local groups, jams, and choirs are good places to begin. One of the largest challenges to get started with musical involvement is of course the getting started, like many things the initial push is difficult and we come up with all sorts of excuses to not do it regardless of how much it would benefit us. If you do decide to make that first push to get started, we guarantee that you will not regret it, you will find that many like you are out there.

Finding your domain

finding your creative domain takes timeThere is a commonly known saying, stating that you should try at least 7 different careers in your life to find the right job for you, and although we do not know the bases of this statement we find it applicable to the realm of finding where your own creative passions lie.

It may be within the craft of the hands, in textures, in colours, in painting, perhaps music, words or maybe a combination of both or several. There is no right or wrong, there is only what works for you, and finding what works can indeed take many years of searching.

There are many recorded cases of regular office workers or retail assistants who find their passion late in life, quit their jobs and go after what suits both their tastes, their interests and is fun for them. So if you are new to the exploration of yourself, what you like, what you want to do, and how you work, then be patient, allow yourself to try different things, to play and to explore different realms and domains.

It takes many years of refining skills and study to become a master of a craft, you wouldn’t want to spend those years in a bad way, nor do you want to feel stuck with doing something you don’t like on the simple basis that you have invested much time, energy and resources into it. It’s well worth remembering that the if you stuck to something for long enough you probably had good reason to, and the love was there and has been there all along, you just need to ensure that it doesn’t get forgotten.

Remembering to play and explore, to have fun is a fundamental need for any motivational issues which may occur. So stay vigilant, and let us know if you have any questions for the creative team here.

Start small with your endeavor

Start smallCreation is good for mind, soul and body, to work in harmony with oneself brings out the best in you and you might even enjoy the benefit of being positively surprised by your creations at some point. The hardest thing when trying to make a creative work is to get started, when you are running with it and the idea is set, when you know what you are doing, then it’s usually engaging and for many, almost automatic and autotelic.

In the beginning everything is vague, you don’t yet have a solid idea, you don’t yet know what it is that you are actually creating, and you don’t know whether or not it will be any good. Although it would be nice to have some assurance before setting off, there is none, there is always risk involved, and what you want to do might fail, but that should never be from the lack of trying. Or as we like to say here, the lack of starting. Because, most commonly, nothing is actually a failure, or even feels like one once you are invested. Then there is the lessons that you keep from trying to create something specific and failing at it, it informs and fuels the next project and the improvement which is so empowering and endearing.

The thing that makes us want to carry on, the thing that makes us want to try again, and this time, better, why, well simply because we know more. It’s natural to humans to solve and crate, that is what we have been doing since the beginning of our recorded history and more, and that part remains, and it can be seen in the world today. The scientific and technological advancements are many, and they are only a reflection of the human mind in the current state. So, don’t hold yourself back, do what you want even if there is resistance in the beginning, and trust that no time is wasted, if such a thing as time even exists.

Beautiful craft for the heart, mind and hand

crafting with beadsCrafting is stimulating and in many ways fascinating, at times you may be astounded by what you are capable of if you only let yourself run with it.

The title, craft for the heart, mind and hands is a division to be used as a metaphor, as the separation which the words indicates are not actually there.

From one perspective it all happens in your head, something which have been proven though looking at where young children place the self, when referring to themselves, they don’t point at their body, or the location of their heart but to their head.

This is common across many different cultures across the globe. And from this point, you cannot actually differentiate between them, and they are all vital parts of the experience of crafting.

In simple words, although we separate, heart as the feeling, mind as the reason and hand as the skill, here we are focused on the whole of the experience, inclusive of all. Finding beauty from external impressions and though expressing our own ideas.

This happens firstly though learning the skill needed to gain freedom within a specific field. Say you would like to learn how to do embroidery, you will not be able to start with the most delicate and interacted pieces as you must first learn how to perform each of the specific stiches which then make up the whole.

Keep in tune with us here, and find inspiration for your own projects, we hope to bring you images of work, help with specific craft related techniques and information about people who have been exploring the realm of making things for a long time, who have had time to specialise and find their own voice bringing about some of the most astonishing creations we have met with.

Music, Arts and Science

music art and science all in one go creativity is wonderfulCreativity is an all encompassing term which brings specific associations to mind for many, and when speaking of it, sometimes it’s easy to forget that no matter what we do we engage our creative side. Ideas come from that place which creativity comes from, and acting upon those ideas is making use of it. When people don’t use their creativity, they are not using their ability to problem solve, and will eventually dry up and become depressed or sad. We are hardwired to think, to make, to solve, and many of us are not happy without it in some form.

This not saying that you have to create great works of music, or arts, or solve word problems, it can be as simple as solving the Sunday crossword puzzle or Sudoku game in the paper, or organise your cooking into a good system, in theory and in practical use. Creativity is less than a choice than many would imagine it to be, and our minds will engage with it, sometimes regardless of what we think, on small and big projects alike. On top of that, when you challenge your mind a little, it’s like training for your brain, and like with physical exercise and in combination with a healthy life and lifestyle your mental and physical health will be gleaming.

Keep tunes with our lovely and creative team to get some tips on areas which you as a new creative thinker can engage with, on all scales of physical size and of material time. Hopefully you will find something which interests you here, and if not, or if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at any time, contact details are to be found on the page with the same name, and we always aim to get back to as soon as we can.

Art should always be a passion

Art has such a wide variety of meanings, from music to painting all the way to the art of articulation. With such a broad meaning and so many sub categories of art it would be difficult to link a singular attribute to all art forms, right? Well we think this single attribute that should be the most important when creating art or just appreciating is passion. In the 2oth and 21st century we’ve been guilty of letting other motivations take over why we make “art” used in the loosest terms. Modern day music has completely lost all touch with art and the passion that drives us to create art, with musical algorithms and million dollar videos being shot to distract you from how utterly talent-less an artist is, it seems nowadays music considered a get rich quick scheme with a lot of people thinking about the money cars and clothes involved before giving any thought into what they are calling their art. While this is worrying it doesn’t mean there aren’t still artists and bands who are still creating passionate music. That’s why we stress to anyone thinking of creating art, to make sure you’re passionate about what you’re making and make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. We think it’s all but too obvious when you compare an artist who takes time and love when creating their music to someone in the charts who has their music written for them which is which. We hope this doesn’t cross over into other art forms as we’re sure it already has.

Crafting for the soul, body and mind

a countless number of wonderful techniques to masterIf you are already a crafter at home, we don’t have to convince you of the countless benefits which come with being active and practising your own creative outlet and skill. This is why we instead aim this little article to you who are new to the field. Perhaps you are thinking about picking up a new hobby, or reinventing yourself in one that have engaged with in the past, but not touched upon for many years.

Regardless of your reason to start on something now. What the team here has view of, is the challenge which comes with taking that first step.

We choose the word based on the fact that not only does one have to break out of some sort of routine, and perhaps make great effort for small progress, but one also has to battle the feeling of being a child again. For many this part is something which can lead to a dualistic experience. Where frustration similar to that which we only have memories of as a child may resurface.

What our advice would be to this, is simply don’t fret, and keep persisting. Being new there are always several challenges to face. There are many reasons out there why creative lives get put on the shelves, common among these are work changes, situation changes, opportunities, having children and much more.

But that doesn’t say that if you have been gone from crafting for a while that you cannot do it again, and more passionately and informed at that! So get your thinking hat on, and get your creative juices flowing, and if you have inspirational troubles, don’t hesitate to visit our site often and regularly. Here we do what we can to keep up to date and to keep you inspired.

Making a name for yourself

a creative logoIf you are a creative person just entering the marketplace, it can sure be scary to find just how much competition there is, but that should not deter you, instead this should fire you up and make you even more into what you are doing. That is the sign of a true creative, one with passion, interest, honesty and love for what they are doing.

If you are not classing yourself as a creative individual at the moment there may have been a mix up with the definitions of it all, or what you connect with the term creative. As creativity is something used in all types of problem solving, and it doesn’t matter if you are a mathematician, a painter or a plumber, at the end of the day.

When you are faced with an issue, you use your creativity and imagination to find the solution. Here the team are highly supporting of what is generally known as creative individuals, people who are willing to embrace their problem solving abilities and ensure that they are always keeping a challenge ready for themselves. Something to bite into and get the mind working. I

nterest, curiosity, even being bored are all things involved in the creative processes, and finding a foothold as a starting creative can be difficult. The first thing which can be good to think about is making a name for yourself, creating and online presence, and then begin to find the areas in which your services would be of use, be it contemporary arts, performing arts or other.

Creative engagement and exercises for the mind to boost productivity

mental training is keyIf you are feeling sluggish, slow, tried and hard to start in the mornings, maybe even the difficulties extends through the day. There may be a lack of motivation, of course this assuming that you eat and sleep both well and enough. There might be even more reason for you to get engaged with a new exciting activity to boost your own creative abilities, to make you feel good about your own capabilities and to ensure that you keep practice of the hands. The team has mentioned this a few times before, but working with your hands, especially once a skill is acquired, say for instance knitting. As the motion and the motorics have become automated, it’s like walking, it’s like meditation, it’s stimulating yet restful for the mind. So ensuring that you do some crafts, that you engage your creativity on light and fun projects that you enjoy doing, and that you constantly keep on it and remember that any new activity you do or want to do, will require that difficult start up energy. Though engaging more with your own creative nature you will find both more pleasure in what you do, as well as find out just how many good and great ideas arrive in moments of such automatic creation. Another example, and a great one at that is the shower, however the team here fully understands that it would be highly impractical to take 10 showers a day should you land in a slump. So, let’s save nature, and let’s find another activity as rewarding as feeling clean, both in mind and in body.